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Mission & Vision

The WiSTEM Initiative launched in August 2020 as a part of the After iGEM Ambassador Program with the goal of representing all women in STEM and synthetic biology across the globe. WiSTEM aims to increase awareness for underrepresented individuals within science and provide a platform for all marginalized groups to be inspired, involved, and grow within STEM fields. The WiSTEM team plans to continue to grow and evolve as an organization to create impactful changes within the iGEM and scientific community at large. To see what this initiative has in store for the upcoming year please visit our events section, our projects section, or explore our social media.

Inspire & Impact

WiSTEM aims to inspire all women and marginalized individuals to pursue careers in STEM and SynBio through event organisation, community engagement, education and mentorship. This initiative strives to provide resources for people underrepresented in STEM to encourage their pursuit of the field.

Collect & Analyze Data

Data allows us to identify existing inequity issues within STEM and SynBio in a quantifiable and statistical way. Numerically demonstrating the significant disparities that exist within the scientific community will allow us to better understand where the field is lacking representation and equity.

Increase Awareness

As an initiative, we aim to increase awareness of underrepresentation of not only women, but individuals within marginalized groups such as the LGBTQIA+ community as well. We believe that when striving for representation, an understanding of intersectionality is crucial.



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