Looking for SynBio Associations!

We are searching for SynBio Associations to be part of our Alliance. So if you are part of or know a synbio-related organization, or even would like to start your own association: We want to hear from you! Please contact alliance@igem.org or fill out our survey.

Mission & Vision

The Global Alliance of SynBio Associations (SynBio Alliance) started in 2020 with the mission to connect associations and synbio-related organizations and recognize their contributions to the advancement of synthetic biology.

Through the competition, iGEMers learn and apply our core values: integrity; good sportsmanship; respect; honesty; celebration; cooperation; effort; and excellence. They also learn the importance of engaging and including our society in the scientific conversation; and the power of working together to solve gaps in the bio-economy. Many iGEMers take these learnings and values to continue making an impact in their local communities, through regional associations and other informal organizations. At the SynBio Alliance, we want to bring all these groups together.

Learn more about our goals and activities, also check out our Associations Gallery and discover the SynBio organizations that are part of our Alliance! You can also check events and activities organized by Associations on our Events Calendar.

Do you want to join or connect with our Initiative? You can contact us at alliance@igem.org


Let’s bring together SynBio Associations worldwide!

  • Provide a platform for SynBio Associations to network and discover shared goals for themselves.
  • Engage regional SynBio leaders to develop best practices for our international community.
  • Highlight the current regional challenges and what groups have been doing to overcome them.
  • Enhance strong collaborations between the Associations ready to embrace the future of SynBio, together.



CCiC - Conference of China iGEMer Community, China

SynBio UK, United Kingdom

SynBio Oxford, United Kingdom

SynBio Indonesia, Indonesia

ALLBIOTECH, Latin America

SynBioNL, Netherlands

OMIC-Engine, Greece

SynBio Africa, Africa

Genes & Machines, Pakistan

IBLoT - India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow, India

GASB, Germany


Taiwan Synbio Alliance, Taiwan

SynBio Canada, Canada

SynBio BR, Brazil

Biohacking Space Peshawar, Pakistan

Biolaunch, Latin America

KCL SynBioTech Soc, United Kingdom

Synthetic Biology Australasia (SBA), Australasia


Our Initiative is led by iGEM Community members and volunteers representing different Associations from around the globe. If you would like to join and represent your organization, please contact us at alliance@igem.org.