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Mission & Vision

The Industry working group was founded in 2019. It establishes a strong iGEM Industry alumni network. We aim to support our wide community by providing a platform for networking and personal development.

We have two main aspirations. Firstly, we want to promote the effective communication between iGEMers & iGEM Alumni. Secondly, we aim to build a consolidated, renowned and self-growing Industry Alumni Network. We would like this to be reflected in a high number of job positions and internships assigned to iGEMers all over the world.

We would like the group to have an impact on how the iGEM community is perceived within the industry. The incorporation of iGEM alumni with experience and Synthetic Biology knowledge into the industry will lead to a better perception of the community and consequently will increase industries’ interest in people with an iGEM background. We think that networking is a key aspect of every professional career, thus we dedicate our efforts towards enhancing the relationships between the iGEM community and the industry.

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  1. Build a solid Industry Alumni Network to gather iGEM Alumni working in Industry.
  2. Map Industrial Regional Differences such as recruitment processes and must have skills.
  1. Facilitate the communication and collaboration between them and the incorporation of new alumni in the sector.
  2. Organize International Events oriented to iGEM Alumni and iGEMers to facilitate the sharing of unique professional opportunities.