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Steering Group of

Mission & Vision

The Bioart Steering Group, established in 2022, is in charge of creating experiences for the iGEM community focused on exploring, creating, and exhibiting artistic narratives of synthetic biology and its intersections with other disciplines, philosophies, and approaches.

The vision is to build a space for creatives passionate about synbio and scientists passionate about art. The synthetic biology community involves discipline, philosophy, discussions from different perspectives, and expertise shaped by multidisciplinary minds. The intersection of art, science, and technology is essential for innovation. This bio-art group aims to bring discussions, raise questions, build speculation, and create exhibitions around synthetic biology.

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Projects & Goals for 2022

  • Our main goal is to connect with the iGEM community and non-expert public, bringing a learning opportunity by a curated narrative for SynBio and iGEM culture showcase.
  • Get in touch with more multi-diverse teams with creative minds learning synthetic biology.
  • The new value proposition for the Jamboree experience. Generating a new entertainment event for the attendees.
  • Get recognition and support from Art, Design, and Biology communities.
  • Get a board of advisors formed by curators, artists, designers, and relevant people in the field, to expand iGEM networks.
  • Explore synbio-art narratives that teams have created through their projects in the iGEM history and inspire the students' lead generation by adding creatives for next year.