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Steering Group of
Academia & Research

Mission & Vision

The Academia & Research working group was founded in 2019. It has been engaging with iGEMers, who are pursuing careers in academia. Academia & Research is one of the most common paths followed by iGEMers and we aim to help them navigate their careers as well as inform and develop the necessary transferable skills.

We strive to provide a platform for iGEMers to engage, develop a better understanding and improve their knowledge of the recent research trends in Synthetic Biology through academic-related activities.

In the Academia & Research group, we are deep-rooted to establish the incidence of academic and research related career paths in iGEM alumni as well as identify research outputs.

Our goal is to help find and inform the community about the in-pipeline Synthetic Biology research being carried out across the globe.

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  1. Establish a comprehensive platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and perceptions.
  2. Provide support for the development and curation of publication-quality work.
  1. Trace the trends of publication of iGEM projects in view of individual team experiences by designing and conducting case studies.
  2. Launch the Functional Nucleic Acids Registry and establish the Functional Nucleic Acids Hub.