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Represent and promote iGEM and synthetic biology in your region. Join a diverse and international team of leaders working to inspire and grow our community.

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Through the Ambassador Program we invite regional leaders who have passed through iGEM to share their own experience with a broader audience in their region to inspire more members and teams to participate in iGEM, and contribute to the development of synthetic biology. Discover the work of previous Ambassadors in:

Ambassadors Goals

Recruit potential teams and expand the local iGEM communities

Ambassadors focus on recruiting teams and promoting iGEM and Synthetic Biology in their regions through talks, conferences, events, meetings with stakeholders. They work on creating a strong local synthetic biology ecosystem that will support teams and iGEMers on the path to accomplishing greatness.

Interface for teams and voice for their regional iGEM communities

Provide feedback based on their interaction with regional iGEM teams, and guide these teams into different channels of communication with iGEM HQ. Ambassadors voice over the needs and challenges of their regions, providing insights that can help iGEM improve the competition experience.

Connect with alumni and help improve the iGEM Community

Find, connect with, and excite past iGEMers from your region to create a vibrant and supportive iGEM community. We hope iGEMers share their stories and achievements, and also continue their passion for SynBio through participation in iGEM Community and our activities.

Promote or help to create an iGEM League in their region

The iGEM Leagues are local and regional competitions designed to enable more local people to learn and apply synbio around the world. Each region has its own specific challenges when it comes to building their local synbio ecosystems, and the Leagues are a way for local iGEMers to design competitions which will contribute to overcoming these challenges.

Position & Details

Ambassadors are expected to work on representing and expanding iGEM in different regions, independently developing their activities targeted towards the Program goals.

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Keep track of metrics regularly and update your progress
  • Frequent checking and communication on Slack and/or email
  • Provide regular regional updates and a year-end report summarizing your experiences, achievements, learnings, and impact
  • Estimated time commitment: 5 - 10 hours/week (flexible working hours)

Who can apply?

  • Any iGEMer with previous iGEM Competition experience that is not part of a 2023 iGEM Team in any capability (PI, advisor, instructor, member)
  • Applicant must be enrolled in or have concluded a undergraduate school programme

What to expect from the experience?

  • Work and connect with an international team
  • Get support from iGEM and our community to realize your ideas
  • Gain leadership experience for your own career
  • Travel support to visit universities and other events that directly help with the team recruitment
  • Participation Certificate at the end of the year

Recruitment Process

The application process will involve two stages starting with an online written application, followed by an online interview (30-40 minutes) with selected candidates from the previous round. The applications will be assessed on a rolling basis till the deadline, so we suggest applying early.

All candidates accepted to be an iGEM Ambassador, will go through a period (late November - early December) of Ambassador Training for their role and its responsibilities. More details for this activity will be shared later with all accepted candidates.