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iGEM Community Recruitment for 2023

Do you want to be a part of a global team which is leading the synthetic biology community and building resources and opportunities for the global synbio ecosystem? Then iGEM Community is for you! Join us in 2023 by applying to our volunteer recruitment.

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iGEM Community is all about iGEMers! Through iGEM Community, we want to invite, engage, and co-create initiatives with all of you, leading our community to help it succeed. Learn more from previous projects and events, and get inspired to join one of our volunteer roles.

Roles & Details

Ambassadors (Applications Closed!)

Represent and promote iGEM and synthetic biology in your region. Join a diverse and international team of leaders working to inspire and grow our community.

Project Heads (Applications Closed!)

Create and lead projects under the different topics in iGEM Community, managing a team of volunteers working together towards making your project a reality.

Project Volunteers

Get involved in different projects that impact and benefit our community. Find and join a project that resonates with you on our Pitch Day in 2023. More information is coming soon!

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