Hacking iGEM: How to decode the competition

A project from the Ambassadors Program

Description & Goals

This online series of monthly webinars addressed a variety of topics. It was organized by the Africa, Europe, and LATAM Ambassadors to lead the way for 2022 iGEM Competition teams to thrive at this year's Grand Jamboree. Certain aspects of the Competition are new to the teams and as ambassadors we were excited to introduce them to the iGEM world. Through this series we shed some light on topics like Human Practices, Wiki, Entrepreneurship and Judging. Participants also got an opportunity to network and engage with the rest of the iGEM community.

Series Timeline

Human Practices with Yuhan Bao, Matsuri Rojano and Maria Mercedes

The iGEM Human Practices (HP) Committee works on creating a framework that helps iGEMers become reflective, responsive and responsible practitioners. Join them in this session to learn more and clarify frequently asked questions about HP aspects of the competition.

GitLab with Kevin Castro

The Team Wiki is a key deliverable for the iGEM Competition and will now be hosted on GitLab. Join this session to learn the basics about coding on this platform and other best practices to ensure a successful document of your project.

Entrepreneurship with Vasiliki Kavvatha

The iGEM Entrepreneurship Program Innovation Community (EPIC) was founded keeping in mind the largely untapped potential of iGEM Alumni. Join this session to learn about the activities that guide a cohort of select iGEM Alumni teams along their entrepreneurial journey.

Judging with Nancy Burgess Christen, Mahmoud AbdelGawad and Dimitrios Michailidis

The iGEM Competition, as the name implies, is a competition. Presenting your work to a panel of judges at the end of the season is an integral part of the iGEM experience. We're having Nancy Burgess Christen, head of the judging program at iGEM, to share with us her judging experience and how to navigate the competition.




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