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Since the beginning of the competition, iGEMers have been creating and developing SynBio educational resources. While the competition encourages this direction of research, we believe it is equally important for teams to be aware of, build on and utilize existing materials. However, due to the global nature of the competition, locating these resources is time consuming and challenging. Noting this, the Education Steering Group of the iGEM Community is curating centralized, approachable and relevant educational resources on synthetic biology under the EduHall Project.

Through our collective experiences, we understand the different challenges faced by iGEM teams. Our mission statement through EduHall is thus to create useful content in a reader-friendly format that will become "go-to resources" for iGEM teams, SynBio beginners and the SynBio community in general.

EduHall is a centralized location comprising various synthetic biology resources curated by the Education Steering Group. It features our in-house content as well as links to the most reputable educational resources used by successful iGEM teams. We regularly collect feedback from iGEMers and the greater Synbio community which allows for iterative improvement of our materials.

Our materials include resources pertaining to technical skills/concepts (wet-lab and dry-lab), project management and science communication, with more in the pipeline. Keeping in mind iGEM’s transition from MediaWiki to Gitlab, we will also be working on guides to make this a smoother process for teams.

We are working closely with other Steering groups and Ambassadors to produce content on a diverse range of topics and distribute them through different channels. Additionally, we are inviting and recruiting experienced iGEM alumni for support in the development of EduHall, via various networks of the iGEM Community, especially the Mentors Network.

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In 2022, several new members have assisted with an event