The Global PI Hub is recruiting!

We created this Initiative to hold a space where the iGEM Community Teams Instructors can be understood and heard. Join us!

Mission & Vision

Through the Global PI Hub, we seek to create a group of enthusiastic iGEM Community PI's interested in creating a space to listen to and encourage members who have supported their teams at iGEM with so much effort and still have so much to contribute to the global synthetic biology community.

We would like to hear and address the great experiences that PIs have had through their opportunities in iGEM, as well as identify the wide and different profiles that make up this important community in synthetic biology. Additionally, we would like to follow them closely and invite them to inspire through their experience and work with hundreds of students that are constantly involved in iGEM around the world.

We are planning to have more engaging activities with more iGEMers and iGEM stakeholders in different formats, including having an event for iGEM PIs at the Grand Jamboree.

Finally, we would like to develop new resources that may be helpful in their involvement in iGEM and the synthetic biology community; provide a place to share their knowledge with others; and be part of the development of a wide variety of programs and initiatives of the iGEM Community. We invite all PIs to join this new initiative for this iGEM 2022 season.

Projects & Goals for 2022

  • Listen to and understand the needs of the wide diversity of PIs that make up the iGEM Community.
  • Search and identify the different profiles of PIs in the community, their areas of interest, expertise, and lines of research.
  • Encourage the iGEM Community PIs to keep in touch and get involved in the different activities during the iGEM season, such as webinars, meetups, podcasts, etc.
  • Establish communication channels between PIs and students in the Community with the aim of sharing experiences that inspire new generations of synthetic biologists.
  • Create a space where PIs can share their knowledge in order to develop new resources, programs, or initiatives in the iGEM Community.
  • Identify and guide the development of new useful resources and activities for PIs during the iGEM Grand Jamboree season with the aim of making their experience much more enriching.