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We are happy to announce the Mentors Network is now open to mentors and mentees! Whether you’re looking for some advice from troubleshooting your cloning to improving your modeling or human practices, we may have just the mentor for you! In addition to your projects, remember to leverage your iGEM experience as a career development opportunity! Has iGEM helped you solidify your interest in your current career track, or perhaps sparked your interest in another one? Our mentors in your area(s) of interest can give you more insight into these careers.

The Mentors Network is here to serve all iGEMers. Whether you’re on a new team this year, or if you were on a team from 2004, you are welcome to tap into the expertise of our group!



Check out the recordings on iGEM Video Universe!


Contact mentors@igem.org


Thanks for your interest! Consulting mentors respond on a case-by-case basis to questions from teams or individuals ranging from troubleshooting their projects to career development opportunities such as informational interviews. The Mentorship Program is a more involved opportunity where mentors are paired with current iGEM teams throughout an entire iGEM season.
Thanks for using this resource! Upon receipt of your application, we select an appropriate mentor from our database and share your application with them to see if they would have the time and expertise to address your specific question. If they agree, we will connect you both via e-mail. If they feel they may not have the level of expertise or time availability, we repeat the process until a mentor agrees. It is possible for this process to take longer than expected, and is likewise possible that you may be paired with multiple consulting mentors depending on the different area(s) of expertise you’ve requested.
Thanks for joining us! Mentors are paired on a case-by-case basis based on the applications we receive.
Send them to us at mentors@igem.org


The iGEM Foundation will not be responsible or liable in any way for any unsatisfactory mentor or mentee behavior or conduct. Contact info will be kept confidential and will only be shared between reasonably paired mentors and mentees. Advice shared between mentor and mentee may not be reflective of any organization or institution with which either party may be affiliated.