Women in SynBio Symposium

An event organised by the Women in STEM

As a part of the iGEM 2022 Grand Jamboree in Paris, WiSTEM will host a Women in SynBio Symposium to celebrate and highlight inspriational women. This two day event will involve women across the globe presenting their innovations, research, and work, in addition to providing networking and workshops.

Date and Location

October 26th & 27th, during the 2022 iGEM Grand Jamboree which will take place at the Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. Learn more about the jamboree


Registration is now open! Limited number of spots open for members of the iGEM 2022 teams, please register your interest by filling out this short survey. Stay tuned for more details about the Women in SynBio Symposium and how to obtain tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Event Details

Many women have been successful in breaking the stereotypes that bind them to societal norms, influencing the education they receive or the careers they pursue in STEM. However, gender disparity in STEM fields has not been eradicated. According to a recent report by UNESCO, only 35% of STEM students in higher education are women and less than 3% of women join STEM industries. Another prominent study by the Institute of Statistics at UNESCO showed that 33% of researchers worldwide are women and only a mere 2% of capital is directed towards start-ups founded by women. Identifying the causes of these gaps is crucial in acheiving a world in which women can pursue their dreams and careers freely.

At the Women in STEM (WiSTEM) Initiative by the iGEM Community, we aim to inspire and raise awareness for women and young girls to pursue STEM careers – both in industry and academia. As a part of this year’s event at the iGEM 2022 Grand Jamboree in Paris, we will be hosting a “Women in SynBio Symposium” to celebrate and highlight women in synthetic biology who are a major source of inspiration for the coming generations.

Panel Discussions and Workshops

  • Talks by women alumni of iGEM who will share their stories, challenges, and successes as they pursue STEM careers
  • Talks by members of the iGEM Community and non-iGEM affiliates who will share their knowledge and expertise on the importance of addressing the gender gap in STEM fields and initiatives and programs (from past and future) to increase women's participation and representation in STEM
  • Workshop by women entrepreneurs who will share their experience and advice for starting a career as an entrepreneur and overcoming the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs
  • Workshop by WiSTEM advocates and other professionals on how to respond to discrimination, and possible approaches for gathering support and improving educational and workplace environments

Networking and Workshops

Networking opportunities to connect women with other women, men, and non-binary persons who support women’s rights and are dedicated to closing the gender gap in STEM fields.