SynBio Alliance at the Grand Jamboree

An event from Synbio Alliance

The Global Alliance of SynBio Associations (SynBio Alliance) aims to connect associations and synbio-related organizations, recognizing their contributions to the advancement of synthetic biology. We are bringing them all together, in-person at the iGEM Grand Jamboree in Paris!

We are bringing them all together, in-person at the iGEM Grand Jamboree in Paris! Visit our booth (EX17) at the iGEM Community Village and meet SynBio Associations from across the globe. Get to talk with the attending organizations:

CCiC - Conference of China iGEMer Community, China

SynBio Indonesia, Indonesia

ALLBIOTECH, Latin America

SynBioNL, Netherlands

SynBio Africa, Africa

SynBio UK, United Kingdom

GASB, Germany

Taiwan Synbio Alliance, Taiwan

SynBio BR, Brazil

KCL SynBioTech Soc, United Kingdom

Synthetic Biology Australasia (SBA), Australasia

Get ready to discover our work on our Wall at the iGEM Community Exhibition: iGEMers in the Synbio World. Get inspired by the work of others and share your perspectives regarding the global synthetic biology ecosystem. What do you want to see in the future? What is the importance of international collaboration in synbio? And many moreā€¦

Join Our Sessions

Community Networking: Synbio United | Wednesday 26/10 | 10:15 (Paris time) | Meetup Space (iGEM Community Village)

Get to meet and connect with representatives from SynBio associations, discuss the challenges of the regional synbio ecosystems and get inspired by the great work of the associations.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Fostering SynBio Associations | Thursday 27/10 | 09:15 (Paris time) | Plaza 5

SynBio Associations aim to connect and build synthetic biology communities both locally and beyond. In iGEM Community, we are working to bring these organizations together, fostering collaboration and mutual support. Join us in a panel discussion that will shed light on the current scenario of associations, and how they create opportunities and shape the synthetic biology landscape in different places.


Building Bridges: Connecting Synbio Communities Worldwide | Thursday 27/10 | 10:30 (Paris time) | Plaza 2

iGEMers know the importance of engaging and including our society in the scientific conversation; and the power of working together to overcome gaps in synthetic biology. Many take these learnings to continue making an impact in their local communities, through SynBio Associations and other informal organizations.

Learn more about them and how they engage with different communities around the globe. Join us through 5-min pop-up talks at the Plaza 2 stage.

Bringing together SynBio Associations worldwide!

Cibele Zolnier | iGEM Community

A Science free of chains: How SynBio BR is building itself sprouting in adversity

Luiza Hesketh | SynBioBR

A SynBio community comes of age in the Netherlands

Darshak Bhatt | SynBioNL

Cultivating Responsible Synthetic Biology in Africa

Geoffrey Otim | SynBio Africa

iGEM in China: history and development of CCiC

Mingzhe Chen | CCiC

Building a sustainable bioeconomy in Latin America

Alejandra Sierra | Allbiotech

Where to find iGEM Community at the Jamboree?

You can find us inside the iGEM Community Village (Booth 17), adjacent to the Boulevard des iGEMers. Check out the location marked inside the green square on the floor plan of the event here