Latin America

Hacking iGEM: How to decode the Competition? This online series of monthly webinars addresses a number of topics related to the iGEM Competition such as Wiki, Human Practices, Entrepreneurship and more.

Who are we ?

We, the LATAM Ambassadors, are the main support team for all Latin American iGEMers, from both the iGEM Competition and Design League. We are here to connect you to iGEM HQ, or the working groups of iGEM Community. We can provide advice, access to platforms and resources, or help with your projects. We can even hang out with you from time to time!


Meet your Ambassadors

This initiative aims to increase the contact between the Ambassadors and the iGEMers as a global effort. This will be achieved through an informational video about the roles of ambassadors and making visible the already existing platform for scheduling meetings with ambassadors. This project has been thought of as a contribution to the ongoing campaign, led by the regional reporters, to promote the role of the ambassadors.


News & Blogs from the region

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