iGEM Community at the 2022 Grand Jamboree

We welcome you to the global synthetic biology community at the iGEM Grand Jamboree. The iGEM Community brings you a series of opportunities to meet and connect with our global community, find out about the advances of synthetic biology from iGEMers leading the field, access resources and opportunities to start or grow your career, and contribute to your local and regional synthetic biology ecosystems.

Attend and participate in talks, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and networking activities which cover a number of themes:
  • Career development and advancement
  • Trends in synthetic biology research
  • Creative approaches to communicating about synthetic biology
  • Understanding regional and global Bio-policies and governances
  • Overview of regional synthetic biology ecosystems
  • Support for iGEM teams
  • Experiences of iGEM Team PIs
  • Regional and synbio sector-focused networking opportunities

Community Programs

iGEM Community Exhibition: iGEMers in the Synbio World

Take a look at the achievements of iGEMers over the past 18 years and development of synthetic biology all over the world and find out about the contributions of iGEM and iGEMers.

Learn about the synbio progress in different regions

Take a look at opportunities for synthetic biology and you in a diverse set of topics

See the impact of individuals who are guiding iGEM students

iGEMers Showcase

Wondering how the iGEM experience has propelled the passions and careers of iGEMers across different sectors of synthetic biology? The "iGEMers showcase" will give you access to the learning experiences of our alumni across topics such as life and synbio progress in academia and industry, arts and policy as a mean to understand the challenges of the field, and addressing barriers to access and participation in the synthetic biology ecosystem.

Talks & Panels Schedule

Networking: Connect, collaborate and have fun!

We will host a number of networking sessions at the Meetup Space for you to connect with individuals and build your careers, meet your regional synthetic biology communities and iGEM teams, participate in fun games and activities and much more!

iGEM Community Meetup Space Schedule

Jamboree Job Fair

Whether you’re searching for new opportunities or if you’re looking to hire your next amazing team member, our Job Fair will help you do just that! We will make the most of our hybrid format by collecting resumes or CVs and displaying jobs online.

Share your resume or publish your jobs

iGEM Teams Logo Wall

See Walls

iGEM Community Recruitment

Do you want to be a part of a global team which is leading the synthetic biology community and building resources and opportunities for the global synbio ecosystem? Then iGEM Community is for you! Join us in 2023 by applying to our volunteer recruitment.

Learn More About Recruitment

iGEM Community Exhibition

Remote teams

Jamboree gatherings

This year the Grand Jamboree is happening in a hybrid-format so that iGEMers can celebrate the incredible journey they completed in 2022. We know there are some teams and team members who won’t be traveling to Paris. What are your plans for the Jamboree of this year? It’ll be lovely to celebrate your iGEM achievements with your regional community!
If your team or any other team in your region is organizing a local gathering during the Jamboree days, share the information with us by . Our team will reach out to the organizers for more information.

Check the gatherings from previous years!

2022 iGEM Teams Pairing

As the Jamboree will be a hybrid-event this year, there will be iGEMers and iGEM teams joining the in-person activities in Paris, and those who will be participating remotely. We will be pairing both with each other for a series of fun-activities in the lead up to the Jamboree and during the Jamboree, and enjoy our time together.

We have created a channel on the 2022 Global Slack #grand-jamboree for iGEMers and iGEM teams joining in person and those participating remotely. Here we will be pairing one in-person team with one-remote team and kick-off the excitement! If you still haven’t joined the 2022 iGEM Global Slack, you can do it by signing up on this link

More from the Community

Hope by Nature: A Virtual Art Gallery

Paris Handbook: A gift from French teams

SynBio Alliance at the Grand Jamboree

Where to find iGEM Community at the Jamboree?

You can find the iGEM Community Village and the Meetup space adjacent to the Boulevard des iGEMers: Check out the location marked inside a green square on the floor plan of the event here: