iGEM Community Talks and Panels

Whether your journey in synthetic biology takes you into academia, industry, policy, bioarts, communication, or any one of a number of possible future pursuits, there’s something for each one of you at the Jamboree. Join our guest speakers and find out how you can develop or advance your career, what is happening in the global synthetic biology community , how you can leverage your competition experience and much more!


SessionDayTimeSpeakersTopics of speakersStage
Foteini PapadakiWiSTEM: From Vision to Reality
Actions Over Words: Empowering Women in STEMOct 26 - Wed9:30Belfu BerkolA 15 years old woman in STEMPlaza 5
Kamile VainiuteMy POV: Switching from Biology to Technology
Estefany Sofia Sánchez MartínezPI Hub: creating a space for the iGEM Community PIs
Cai LiangEnable and Empower
iGEM PIs: The Essential Group Training the Future Driving Force of SynbioOct 26 - Wed10:30Nick ColemanPipette-Cry-Repeat: iGEM as a Lesson in Constructive FailurePlaza 2
Keith KozminskiTurning Independent Research into an Inclusive Life Experience
Laurent HsiaInspire to be Inspired
Patrick DiepDeveloping interdisciplinary synthetic biology modules for heterogeneous undergraduate cohorts
Erikan Baluku & Mariam EzzelarabiGEM from an African Point of View: The Trajectory
Wenxi Vanssy LiiGEM in Asia and Oceania: A growing community
A Local Look from A Global Community: Local iGEMers Solving Local ProblemsOct 26 - Wed12:30Jaume Puig Costa-Jussà & Marta MarchelukiGEM Around EuropePlaza 4
Giulio Mendes Braatz & Samantha García AriasChallenges for the Synbio ecosystem in LATAM
Rocky AnNorth American Synbio: Past and Future
Ronit LangeriGEM Impact Grant: Supporting the Future of SynBio
Melodie DupreBridging the gap between iGEM and the Industry
Synbio and Industry: The Bright Future of SynbioeconomyOct 26 - Wed12:30James WelchStrengthening the iGEM Community with PartnershipsPlaza 5
Shan JiangSynbio Industry in China: the Dawn
Marissa SumathipalaThe Future of Science Communication at iGEM
Communication and Creativity: Thinking Outside The BoxOct 26 - Wed14:00Minerva CastellanosThe Creatives of iGEM: Perspectives from art and design to portray synthetic biology's futurePlaza 2
Carlos SilveiraResignifying our reality through biology
Rohan MunothPreparing you for Academia: Peers, skills, and patience
Academia and Research Pathways: from iGEM Projects to Papers and BeyondOct 26 - Wed14:00Jaume Puig Costa-JussàAstrobiology: From the lab to infinity, and beyond?Plaza 4
Guilherme KundlatschTrends in iGEM research output
Jimmy Hayden-LinharesUnderstanding the growth path of iGEMers
Growing with iGEMOct 26 - Wed15:30Cibele ZolnierMentorship is valuable: Here's how you can get it!Plaza 2
Nemira ZilinskaiteTowards Improving Leadership in iGEM Community
Cibele ZolnierBringing together SynBio Associations worldwide!
Mingzhe CheniGEM in China: history and development of CCiC
Building Bridges: Connecting Synbio Communities WorldwideOct 27 - Thu10:30Alejandra SierraPlaza 2
Geoffrey OtimCultivating Responsible Synthetic Biology in Africa
Luiza HeskethA Science free of chains: How SynBio BR is building itself sprouting in adversity
Darshak BhattA SynBio community comes of age in the Netherlands
Jose Garza-MartinezNavigating through global policies
Policies and Procedures: Navigating Synbio Governance with iGEMOct 27 - Thu10:45Jose Manuel Salvador LopezHacking Global Policies in Biosecurity and BiodiversityPlaza 4
Alonso FloresChallenges & experiences in implementing dual-use assessment governance.
Nathan Reyna & Kristen JohnsonImproving Accessibility of Synbio Education with the iGEM Community
Building A Resource-rich Space for The Global Synbio CommunityOct 27 - Thu13:30Sofia Sánchez Martínez & Chinmay PatwardhanNavigating iGEM Community ResourcesPlaza 3
Daniela Alvarez-RobledoCommunicating with our global community: How to stay in touch and up-to-date
Deborah da Cruz SchafhauserOpen Sciences: Creating a new path for accessibility in Synthetic Biology
Unlocking Accessibility in Synthetic Biology: Creating Paths for MoreOCt 27 - Thu15:30Francisco QueroIsothermal amplification and Open Source hardware as a tool for decentralize diagnostics productionPlaza 5
Cibele ZolnierTranslating SynBio around the world


The Challenges and Opportunities of Fostering SynBio Associations

9:15 CET, Oct 27 - Thu, Plaza 5

SynBio Associations aim to connect and build synthetic biology communities both locally and beyond. In iGEM Community, we are working to bring these organizations together, fostering collaboration and mutual support. Join us as we discuss the current scenario of associations, and how they create opportunities and shape the synthetic biology landscape in different places.
  • Moderator: Leandros Tsiotos (iGEM Community)
  • Panelists: Vinca Seiler (GASB), Sabrina Yeo Samuel (Taiwan Synbio Alliance), Muhammad Farhan Maulana (SynBio Indonesia), Claudia Moratti (Synthetic Biology Australasia)

Scientific Discovery on Conveyor Belt: What Can Biofoundries Do for Synbio?

16:15 CET, Oct 27 - Thu, Plaza 1

Biofoundry is automated facility for processing of biological samples implementing DBTL cycles. It brings public and private stakeholders together to share resources and accelerate innovation. In this panel we invite three speakers to discuss how can synbio community interact with biofoundries.
  • Moderator:Martin Holub (iGEM Community)
  • Panelists: Paul Freemont (Global Biofoundry Alliance), Olivier Galy (Toulouse White Biotechnology), Bailey Dickey (Ginkgo Bioworks)

Let's Talk About The Gender Gap

12:45 CET, Oct 27 - Thu, Plaza 4

In this Panel Discussion we'll be addressing the reasons for the gender gap in STEM, highlighting challenges faced by women in science, and mentioning initiatives and programs (from past and future) to increase women's participation and representation in STEM.
  • Moderator: Nemira Zilinskaite (iGEM Community)
  • Panelists: Nadine Bongaerts (Gourmey), Esther Kim (EA Biosciences), Megan Palmer (Stanford University)