iGEMers Showcase

The Grand Jamboree will feature the “iGEMers Showcase" of returning alumni from all over the world who, along with talking about their current work, will share what they’ve learned from the iGEM Competition and how it has helped them grow and influenced their careers. Meet the iGEMers and take a look at where and when you can find them at the Jamboree, and what they will be talking about.

Alonso Flores | iGEM Responsibility
iGEM Experience: iGEM FCB UANL 2019, 2020, 2021
Darshak Bhatt | SynBioNL
iGEM Experience: iGEM Paris Betterncourt
Guilherme Kundlastch | Universidade Estadual Paulista
iGEM Experience: iGEM Brasil SP 2014 - Sheffield 2016
Keith Kozminski | University of Virginia
iGEM Experience: iGEM Virginia 2007 till present
Luiza Hesketh | SynBioBR
iGEM Experience: Open Science Global
Nadine Bongaerts | Gourmey
iGEM Experience: iGEM TU Delft 2010
Patrick Diep | Lawrence Livermore National Lab
iGEM Experience: iGEM Waterloo 2015, 2016, Toronto 2018 till 2021
Belfu Berkol | bioDIF
iGEM Experience: Saint Joseph 2021
Cai Liang | Fudan University
iGEM Experience: PI Fudan 2017 till now
Fran Quero | Learning Planet Institute
iGEM Experience: iGEM Madrid 2018, 2019
Jaume Puig Costa | Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology
iGEM Experience: iGEM UPF Barcelona 2020
Laurent Hsia | GEMS_Taiwan
iGEM Experience: GEMS_Taiwan
Mingzhe Chen | CCiC
iGEM Experience: iGEM Shanghaitech
Nick Coleman | University of Sydney
iGEM Experience: PI USyd iGEM 2013 till now
Sabrina Yeo Samuel | Taiwan Synbio Alliance
iGEM Experience: iGEM NCKU Tainan 2019, 2021
Claudia Moratti | Synthetic Biology Australasia
iGEM Experience: iGEM USyd 2016
Geoffrey Otim | SynBio Africa
iGEM Experience: iGEM Makerere
Kamile Vainiute | Devbridge
iGEM Experience: Vilnius-Lithuania 2020
Muhammad Farhan Maulana | SynBio Indonesia
iGEM Experience: iGEM ITB Indonesia 2017, 2019
Shan Jiang | Ailirus Biotechnology
iGEM Experience: iGEM SIAT-SCIE 2017, 2018 - RDFZ-China 2018 - GreatBay_China 2018 - GreatBay_Scie 2019, 2020, 2021 - SMS_Shenzhen 2019 - Edinburgh 2020
Vinca Seiler | GASB
iGEM Experience:iGEM Marburg 2019, 2021
Meagan Palmer | Stanford University
iGEM Experience:iGEM HP Committee since 2010